Victoria Legal Aid Handbook for Lawyers

Table X – Lump sum fees for infringements cases

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) will pay a lump sum fee in an Infringements case, in accordance with Table X.

These fees are effective from 1 January this year. For fees payable prior to this see Archived versions of the Handbook.

Note – VLA will not pay additional fees:

  • if the lawyer briefs counsel or a lawyer advocate
  • for consolidation of infringements.
Service/proceedings Fee payable
Preparation, including the work involved in:
  • taking instructions
  • transferring the case to the special circumstances list (if appropriate)
  • preparing and reading documents.
Appearance $405
Urgent matter: preparation (see table note below) $232
Urgent matter: appearance (see table note below) $405
If assisted person requests adjournment of case, but only if VLA approves adjournment in advance $267

Table note: If request for legal assistance is made no earlier than the day immediately before the substantive hearing.

Reviewed 31 December 2022