Victoria Legal Aid Handbook for Lawyers

Invoices, forms and worksheets

Tax invoice

Practitioners who do not use ATLAS should complete a tax invoice for all claims.

The fees outlined in Payments to lawyers and service providers.

The Grants of legal assistance – guide and application form is for clients making an application for a grant of legal assistance without a lawyer, via post.

Alternatively, you can complete the accessible Word version online, and email to

If a person is applying for a grant of assistance with the assistance of a lawyer, the lawyer must submit the application in ATLASExternal Link .

General forms

Proof of means

Civil law worksheets

Child protection worksheets

Commonwealth family law worksheets

Criminal law

Quality tools

Indictable checklists for non-sexual offences

Indictable checklists for sexual offences

Court of Appeal checklists and fact sheets

Other checklists

Crime – worksheets

Crime – additional preparation

Civil/coronial inquest – additional preparation

More information

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Reviewed 25 May 2023

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