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Panel practitioners are required to sign up to ATLAS – our online system for practitioners to lodge and track applications for grants of legal assistance, extensions of assistance and claims.

All applications for grants of legal assistance, extensions of assistance and claims must be submitted via ATLAS.

Go to Private legal firm registration.


ATLAS allows you to check the progress of an application using your practice's own online homepage and inbox. It also comes with comprehensive search facilities.

You can also claim the work you perform online, using simple to complete pro-forma invoices that detail all claimable items in the grant.

It is easy to see what has been claimed against a particular file, and what remains to be claimed.

Other features of ATLAS include:

  • instant online advice on whether your client meets Victoria Legal Aid's means test, including what contribution (if any) may be sought by us
  • online updating of client's details
  • online help pages linked to the Victoria Legal Aid Legal Aid Handbook and application form
  • up-to-the-minute fee information, together with what is included in the grant of assistance.

System requirements

The following system requirements must be in place in order to operate and get the most out of ATLAS.

Browser settings

You will need to enable JavaScript on your browser.

Some functions in ATLAS occur through the use of pop-up windows. If you have disabled pop-up windows in your browser settings or through other software, you will need to enable them to use some of the ATLAS features.

Internet privacy settings

Like most transactional websites, ATLAS uses session cookies. Session cookies are single-use cookies that are active only for the time you use ATLAS. Your browser automatically deletes session cookies when you log out or close your window.

ATLAS session cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. Their purpose is to maintain your log-in session while you move through different pages of ATLAS, negating the need for you to log in repeatedly.

To use ATLAS successfully, you must configure your browser to allow session cookies. Most browsers will have session cookies enabled by default. If you encounter problems logging into ATLAS and receive the message 'Invalid Login Error undefined session variable: error:', it is likely that your computer does not accept session cookies. Check your browser's documentation for instructions on how to allow session cookies.

Screen resolution

Your monitor needs to have a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 to use ATLAS. ATLAS is best viewed on a wide-screen monitor.

Broadband connection

You will need a broadband internet connection of ADSL or better (minimum download speed of 256kbps).

PDF reader

Documents and correspondence in ATLAS are saved as PDFs. You will need a PDF reader, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, to read these documents.

Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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