Victoria Legal Aid Handbook for Lawyers

Table E – Lump sum fees for the Children's Court and Magistrates’ Court stage of an indictable crime matter

Table E sets out the fees payable by Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) for indictable cases proceeding through the committal stream in:

  • the Criminal Division of the Children's Court
  • the Magistrates' Court.

These fees are effective from 1 January this year. For fees payable prior to this see Archived versions of the Handbook.

Service/proceeding Hours Fee payable
The lump sum general preparation fee covers the work involved in:
  • obtaining instructions
  • advising about defence
  • negotiating with the prosecution
  • perusing the hand-up brief
  • preparing the Form 32 (Case Directions Notice).
4 $672

Brief analysis and case strategy fee

4 $672
Additional preparation (contested committal/negotiations):
  • payable where a contested committal is aided
  • includes preparing the Form 32 (Case Directions Notice).
5 $840
Appearance committal mention/case conference/summary jurisdiction application/application for leave to cross-examine witnesses
VLA will pay for subsequent committal mention only if, either:
  • the lawyer has applied (if appropriate) for an Appeal Costs Certificate
  • the lawyer satisfies VLA that substantial negotiation took place.
2.5 $420

Ground rules hearing (daily appearance fee)

- $454
Special mention 1 $168
Appearance on contested committal: day 1
Where a plea is heard at committal no additional fee is payable
Appearance on contested committal: day 2
Where a plea is heard at committal no additional fee is payable
Jail conference
Plea fee except where a plea on day of committal contest
Committal which resolves as a plea in the Magistrates’ Court, and which is heard on a day other than the committal contest (this can be the same day as the committal mention) $503
Sentence fee (heard on another day other than the plea day) $299

Practitioners can claim these fees using ATLAS or submitting a tax invoice.

Printing of depositions from disk if:

  • printing is necessary and
  • there are more than 2000 pages to print.

VLA will only pay for pages in excess of 2000 at the rate of 15 cents per page or at commercial rates, whichever is less. The lawyer must obtain approval in advance from VLA.

Reviewed 31 December 2022