Table U3 – war veterans’ cases at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

These fees apply to all Administrative Appeals Tribunal war veterans' cases.

These fees are effective from 1 January this year. For fees payable prior to this see Archived versions of the Handbook.

The lump sum fee will only be payable when the stage is substantially completed. In the event that the stage is not substantially completed an itemised bill calculated at 64 per cent of the Federal Court Scale, but not exceeding the lump sum, should be submitted.

An extension of assistance is required where the matter proceeds to Stage 2.

The fees in this table are calculated at an hourly rate of $252. The hours are included in the table to show the calculation of the lump sum fee.

No provision is made in the table for solicitor instructing. In the event that a solicitor appears as counsel the fee payable shall be the fee otherwise payable to counsel.

Service/proceedingHoursFee payable
Stage 1: professional costs, up to and including second preliminary conference18$4626
Stage 2: professional costs for preparation7$1799
Counsel’s fees: conferencen/a$280
Counsel’s fees: appearance at hearingn/a$2186
Mediation: preparation5$1285
Mediation: appearance at mediation4$1028

General principles

Where a stage is completed on or after the date on which a limit changed, the limit shall be the applicable limit at date of completion of the grant.