Victoria Legal Aid Handbook for Lawyers

Guideline 1.3 – Assessment and Referral Court List matters

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) may make a grant of legal assistance for summary criminal prosecutions that are listed for an Assessment and Referral Court (ARC) List eligibility hearing and/or individual support plan ratification hearing.

VLA will only pay for an ARC List review hearing where there is a real and substantial risk that the person is going to have their individual support plan cancelled or significantly varied.

VLA will not pay for psychiatric/psychological and other reports for matters that are in the ARC List if the report can be prepared by the services of the court.

Documentary requirements

Applications under this guideline are within the simplified grants assessment processExternal Link .

Lawyers seeking a grant of legal assistance under this guideline should submit an application via ATLASExternal Link , only after ensuring that the following documents are retained on file unless they are requested by VLA for assessment:

  • a reference to guideline 1.3
  • copies of the charge or charges
  • details of the person's mental health issue/s
  • a copy of the Court Integrated Services Program report or draft individual support plan
  • full details of the person's prior convictions (if any)
  • relevant proof of means (if a waiver does not apply).

Lawyers are also encouraged to complete a summary crime worksheet and a proof of means worksheet for their file.

Reviewed 03 April 2023

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