Victoria Legal Aid Handbook for Lawyers

Principles applying to payment of fees in Family Violence Protection Act 2008 matters

These fees are effective from 1 January this year. For fees payable prior to this see Archived versions of the Handbook.

Urgent grants

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) will pay a preparation fee as set out in the table in any matter where the request for a grant of legal assistance is made no earlier than the day immediately preceding the substantive hearing or where the solicitor is otherwise in receipt of an urgent grant.

VLA will apply the urgent grant preparation fee where the court has ordered VLA to provide representation to the applicant and/or respondent and VLA has exercised its discretion to limit legal assistance to cross-examination.

Contest hearing fee

In the event that a matter proceeds to a contested hearing by way of evidence VLA will pay the contest appearance fee.

Directions hearing fee

If the directions hearing is not heard at the first mention date, VLA will pay a fee of $148.

If the matter resolves at the directions hearing, the substantive appearance fee in Table A4.

Table A4 sets out the fees payable in Family Violence Protection Act 2008External Link cases in the Magistrates’ or Children’s Court.

Practitioners can claim these fees using ATLASExternal Link or submitting a tax invoice.

Reviewed 14 March 2022

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