Victoria Legal Aid Handbook for Lawyers

Guideline 3 – guardianship and/or administration cases in the Guardianship List

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) will make a grant of legal assistance for a guardianship and/or administration case in the Guardianship List of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and/or for an appeal from the tribunal’s decision if VLA is satisfied that you meet all of the following tests:

  1. Financial eligibility – you must meet the VLA means test. The test is explained here.
  2. Your case – you must be seeking to:
  • prevent the appointment or re-appointment of a guardian and/or of an administrator, or
  • remove a guardian and/or administrator, or
  • change the conditions of the order, or
  • seek clarification from the tribunal about the order.
  1. How will your case turn our (merit) – there must be a reasonable chance that you will succeed and your case must meet the State reasonableness test. The test is explained here.

Costs payable

Please see Fee Schedule 2, Table O.

Reviewed 21 February 2022

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